Beitrag Hochformat

In order to get visitors to see custom fonts on your WordPress site, the fonts must be uploaded to your site as standard file formats. There are several such font formats, each offering support for different browsers. The font types include:

  • The Web Open Font Format (WOFF) – WOFF is the most recommended format to use since it is supported by all modern browsers
  • The Web Open Font Format (WOFF 2.0) – TrueType (TTF) / OpenType (OTF) font that provides better compression than WOFF 1.0
  • TrueType Fonts (TTF) – This font was developed in the late 1980s, by Apple and Microsoft. 
  • SVG Fonts/Shapes – SVG fonts allow SVG to be used as glyphs when displaying text. Make sure to use this format to support old versions of iPhone
  • Embedded OpenType Fonts (EOT) – This font file works on IE, but not on other browsers. Make sure to use this format to support earlier versions of IE

In Elementor, we’ve made it easy to upload your custom web font formats:

1. Head over to the WordPress Dashboard > Elementor > Custom Fonts, and click ‘Add new’.